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Silvia Frank
Kennst du Georg Büchner?

Heute gilt Büchner unbestritten als Begründer der modernen deutschen Literatur. Lassen Sie sich auf eine Begegnung mit dem rebellischen und jung verstorbenen Dichter und seinem ungewöhnlichen Werk ein.

Fortress Petersberg

Fortress Petersberg

Hanno Klöver

Originally, there was the Benedictine monastery of St. Peter and Paul at the current location of the fortress. In the Middle Ages, it was a widely visible sight.

When in 1664 Erfurt came under Mainz's dominion, the archbishop had a mighty baroque ward erected on the Petersberg, as a means of demonstrating control over the city. In several phases of construction it was modified until the beginning of the 19th century. The bastions in front of the ward, the new watch, the store for powder and the Caponiers were added. In 1802 the fortress came into the possession of Prussia and was, intermediately, also occupied by Napoleon's troops for a few years.


At the entrance to the only baroque fortress of Middle Europe that is largely preserved, there still hangs resplendent the splendid emblem of the rulers of Mainz. The premises are freely accessible to the public today. In particular, a walk with torches trough the passages of the mine and a view over the city from the bastion "Leonhard" offer special experiences.


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